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Tap into your divine creatrix to unleash golden abundance, exquisuite love and Atlantean living.
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Heaven on Earth with Anu Grace | Atlantis | Life Purpose |Manifesting Dreams | Angels | Freedom


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Nov 24, 2016

Gratitude is a beautiful uplifting emotion that instantly lifts your spirit to the fifth-dimensional heaven on earth state of mind. It is the power that helps heal your relationships and get you in a more positive mindset. But it isn't just an emotion. In fact, several research studies shows, that simple practice of gratitude such as keeping a gratitude journal will actually change your brain chemistry, lowering anxiety, reducing depression and helping you sleep better....

It is also a magical ingredient for manifesting your dream life...

In this week's podcast I want to bathe in the energy of gratitude with you. Let's enjoy a grateful moment together as I share..

3 Spiritual and Scientific Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Completely Transform YOU and Your Life


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Nov 18, 2016

In this episode of Heaven on Earth Anu shares message from the Angels of Love about how to learn to love yourself fully. You have the deepest and most meaningful relationship in your life with yourself and so loving yourself needs to be a top priority. Angels remind you that love is everywhere and will teach you how to feel love anytime, anywhere, with anyone and especially with yourself. 


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Nov 11, 2016

Life in the Fifth Dimension is extraordinary. Manifesting becomes quicker and you experience magic in your life. To get to the 5D reality we need to rise from the 3d through 4th all the way up to the highest physical reality.In this episode Anu walks your through step by step through these dimension and gives you a tour in each realities so that you can more easily become aware of where you are at this time and where you want to be next.

In which dimension do you live in right now? Find out and learn how to raise your vibration to reach the heaven on earth, the fifth dimensional state of being. 


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Nov 3, 2016

In this episode, Anu helps listeners become aware of how other people affect wellbeing and happiness. She shares lists 8 signs of negativity followed by 8 powerful tools to deal with negative people in a way that is loving, compassionate and aligned with the light that you are. 



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